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Intro and TINY RANT

Cuz I am bored and my meat is cooking

Name: Kris
Age: 23
Location: Moose Capital of the the East Coast -Maine
Favorite form of animal: wolf
Favorite dish: Steak Fajitas with onions grilled peppers pico de giao crushed hot peppers and hot sauce
Favorite dairy product: Cookies and Cream Ice Cream
White, chocolate, or strawberry milk? White
Favorite Fast food place: Taco Hell(only because we don't have a Chipotle up here)
Favorite kind of chicken: Fried
BBQ, fry, or roast? All three
What do you like on your burger? lettuce cooked onions tomatoes, mustard ketchup steak sauce and fries
Hot dog? Yep
Brat? No
Why do did you join this community? Because I think the antiPETA movement could always use another body
If you were a piece of meat, what meat would you be? flank steak
If you were a diary product, what dairy product would you be? Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

And for the PETA rant of the day its a twofer - Not only are they trying to get Congress to Tax meat like they do smokes and booze but now they are trying to convert Illegals crossing the border to go vegan....have they not been across the border? DO they now realize how much more meat they eat there than here?

Seriously PETA angers me on several different lvls - as a parent because the target kids when they say they don't (PETA2), as an American - I have a right to eat meat and you have the right to shut the hell up, and as the owner of a purebred dog - They complain about purebreeds and yet thier goal is total animal liberation - that means not owning pets of ANY kind.

The only upside to them being tax exmept is the simple matter of being able to track without court order where all thier money goes.
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