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Fuck the PETAssholes

Doncha just love it when the animal-luvvers get all worked up about something really dumb? Take, for instance, this post in wtf_inc. (I'll ignore, for the moment, that this post doesn't belong there, dammit.)

The first link is a video of someone killing some animals in typically PETA-vid horrible ways, beating them senseless and them skinning them alive, accompanied by text about the how bad the store chain "Wet Seal" is for not boycotting rabbit fur, because, can't you see, bunnies are slaughtered in such terrible ways. The second link is a website about how bad conditions are in some CHINESE ANIMAL FARMS.


As in "not American". So go fucking protest THERE, fuckers.

I love it, they want to go on and on and on about how bad it is that so many bunnies are treated badly and slaughtered for their fur, ignoring that the damn things breed like...well, breed like rabbits, and are raised just for that purpose. No one's hunting them in the wild for this, they are breeding them for this. This is their life. Much less, the fact that these vids are never American farms, but some backwater, third-world chumps.

makes it funnier to me that the article (link one) goes on about how these things are kept in these tiny cages, no run to run and play (awwwwww), but the vid shows them in an open area. As if Americans are gonna get off their fat ass and chase the things down with an axe handle. For that matter, the article goes on and on about rabbit fur...but those don't look like any rabbit I've ever seen.

PETA: Pathetic Egotistical Twats with an Agenda. Me, I'm gonna go make some food that's primarily meat-based.
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