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Animals are good to eat.

Animals are a special treat!

Meat to EAT!
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Meat is good it is the best
piggies can be such a pest
so when they're bad we slice them up
and drink thier gutsies from a cup
tender meat that tastes so real
has got to be fresh newborn veal
Little chickens hear them peep
when in a nugget they still squeek
If fishies didnt die for me
they'd end up rotting in the sea
animals are some real good eat
they make me happy to eat meat
next time you put meat in your stew,
remember that you love them too!

About time I got this thing updated, huh?

Welcome to the Tastymeats livejournal.

If you haven't checked out our website, it's not a big deal, because the important half of it is not up yet. If you're still interested, the link is Here.

Once I finally finish up the site and put it all on the server, It'll have a lot of fun stuff to read about, including

  • Reasons to hate Peta
  • Why Peta is wrong (proven facts with sources)
  • Meat Recipes
  • Why drinking milk is GOOD FOR YOU
  • Fun things to do with meat
  • + More!

    Doesn't that sound like fun....

    Tastymeats is not just about meat, however, it also deals with milk and other dairy products. Tastymeats is an open book for anything having to do with peta, from how terrible guide dogs are to the simple fact that animals are worse off in zoos than being in thier natural habitat (which doesn't exsist anymore because of agriculture).

    I'll update about what I'm doing on the site here maybe, and also add pictures that I make/find about Peta, along with links to the extremely important information on our one true love, meat.

    And you, being the most important part of the tastymeats livejournalness, can just post whatever you want. It doesnt even have to relate to meat, I guess, but it would be a good idea to at least mention it.

    You can post pictures, icons, banners, links, stories, recipes, anything you'd like.

    For those of you who actually enjoy the whole "application" thing, you can fill this out, but there is no application necessary! You can skip this part.

    Short Introduction thing

    Favorite form of animal:
    Favorite dish:
    Favorite dairy product:
    White, chocolate, or strawberry milk?
    Favorite Fast food place:
    Favorite kind of chicken:
    BBQ, fry, or roast?
    What do you like on your burger?
    Hot dog?
    Why do did you join this community?
    If you were a piece of meat, what meat would you be?
    If you were a diary product, what dairy product would you be?

    /end lame survey thing

    Anyway, thanks for checking this out, and I'll try not to forget about this thing anymore.

    To contact me, email me at matichiasin@nothingfun.com because most of my posts on my journal are friends only, and I probably won't see it if you comment.